Espacio Público is an independent think tank, formed by professionals of excellence, which seeks to contribute to the construction of a more fair, inclusive, transparent and democratic society, in order to achieve a sustainable development that benefits all people in Chile and the continent.


Our Values

Impact and influence

Our work is aimed at generating relevant and concrete transformations in our society. At the same time, we seek to involve citizens in the construction of a shared vision of the country.
Our Values


We are fully independent from the different political and economic sectors or groups of interest related to the issues we address.
Our Values


We have developed a work committed to high technical standards, making rigorous use of existing literature and evidence and also generating new reflections and evidence.
Our Values


We work with high international and transversally validated standards to offer full transparency regarding our operation, financing and studies.

Our projects and research focus on improving the design and implementation of public policies, and we develop them by promoting a quality debate (convening different actors to dialogue), working with high methodological standards, involving citizens and influencing authorities and decision makers to set the direction and priorities of the public agenda.

For several years we have been recognized for our contribution to public policies in Chile and the region, and also as one of the most transparent think tanks in terms of funding, both in national rankings and by international organizations such as Transpirify.